Hello Montana Friends

Howdy from down here in TX, my name is Matthew and I am in 6th grade. It is surprisingly hot in TX during the summers, it can get up to 100 degrees sometimes! Our state nickname is the Lone Star State, because we were once our own country. Down here baseball is about to start and I am gonna play for our school team. I wish that I lived in Montana, because of the snow, skiing, and hiking, because I was born and lived in Colorado for 7 years and grew up doing all those things. A fun fact about our school is that we were a car dealership before we were a school.

I appreciate the letter

from Matthew

One thought on “Hello Montana Friends

  1. Greetings from Montana, Matthew! Thank you for your blog/letter! We love our beautiful mountains and the snow, but we are also ready for spring! Our girls basketball team is in the middle of a tournament. They won their first game yesterday and play again today at 1pm. We are all wearing our purple and gold to cheer them on. Blessings in TX!

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