My Last Post

Hello my friends, this year has gone by so fast. This summer I will be traveling a lot. Right after school ends I will be leaving to surprise my grampa for his surprise party in Minnesota. I am so blessed to go here and i’d like to thank all my teachers for there help. I would also love to thank  my friends. BYE

Week 5 and 6 of book club

1. Sophie and the BFG have gotten rid of the man eating giants with a dream.
2. A really good dream of mine happend at the beginning of the year and my dream was that it was Sumer already.

3. I would rate this book 4 out of five stars because the author used really descriptive writing and that made it better.

week 3 and 4 BFG

  1. I think that the BFG and Sophie are feeling hopeful with there friendship, it is a giant and a kid and they are getting along great to me thats crazy.
  2. The other bullies in the story are the other giants, especially Flesh Lump Eater. Sophie is relying on the BFG to protect her.
  3. I think that if your getting bullied don’t become self conscious or think bad about yourself just get help and you will be fine.

week 2 book club questions

  1.   Sophie and the BFG become great friends and that is strange to me because a giant and a little girl become good friends.


2.   Once in third grade there was a student that came here from China to look at America and                       we ended up as buddies, it was cool because he started teaching me mandrin.

3.   My question that I have about friendships is that how does a small little girl become good                         friends with a Giant?

BFG book club week one

[1]     My first impression of the novel is that it was very well thought of and it took alot of creativity. I feel like this book was well done and that im gonna enjoy it. I connect with the start of the book, because I begin to feel sad for the main character.

[2]    The characters that ive met so far have been Sophie, and the BFG. At first I would say that Sophie is super afriad of the BFG, but they start to grow on each other.

[3]       I would like to ask if everyone likes the book to, because I think that the BFG is a great book.

Hello Montana Friends

Howdy from down here in TX, my name is Matthew and I am in 6th grade. It is surprisingly hot in TX during the summers, it can get up to 100 degrees sometimes! Our state nickname is the Lone Star State, because we were once our own country. Down here baseball is about to start and I am gonna play for our school team. I wish that I lived in Montana, because of the snow, skiing, and hiking, because I was born and lived in Colorado for 7 years and grew up doing all those things. A fun fact about our school is that we were a car dealership before we were a school.

I appreciate the letter

from Matthew

100wc 19


In my 100 word story I will be talking about the time when I won a second place trophy in baseball. Our team had made it to the champion ship and we were about to walk on the field and we saw that we saw were facing Preston Wood. It was in at the end of the game and we were getting smoked. Well in the end we lost the game as the announcer announced “and the winner is the Preston Wood Lions”. but we got a nice shiny 2nd place trophy and no one can take that away from me or my team.

100WC #16

Hello, I am Matthew from the POPCS Eagle Broadcast and I will be doing the 100 word challenge. So without further delay here it is. When I first moved to Texas from Colorado I started my education in Texas at Prince of Peace Christian School, on the first day all the kids were nice and my Teacher did an amazing job welcoming me to the POP family. Each day there were always cool specials to look forward to, so school was a surprise every day. Here I am 6 years later and I am still having fun doing sports and activities with Prince of Peace.







What I Like About 6th Grade

What I like about 6th grade, is the freedom. In lower school you would always have to get in a line to go to places, but now all I have to do is walk to the place I want to go. I also like the classes I’m taking now. All in all, 6th Grade is a go!